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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this all cost?

Tile professionals charge by the square foot. Unfortunately due to the infinite variety of tile that can be chosen by the client, and the varying job installation requirements, each jobs pricing can vary. We can say that we will be more expensive then what “big box” stores claim tile products can be installed for, as well as handymen who say “I’ve done tile before.” As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the tile, the more expensive it is to install. We are very competitively priced amongst tile contractors of similar experience.

Why should I pay more to have tile installed by you rather then?

Well, we don’t take shortcuts. Tile when installed correctly should last for hundreds of years with the correct upkeep. We are a small company and will always have someone present on your job who has a vested interest in the outcome of your job. Client interaction is also very important to us. We offer in depth consultation to help design, plan, and then execute the job. We have a wide array of subcontractors (plumbers, electricians, fabricators, and tile vendors) we utilize to provide the highest level of professional service. We have consistently maintained very high ratings on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

Why are shower pans so much more per square foot then regular tile?

To fabricate a proper shower pan requires 3 layers of a variety of materials to retain water and act as redundant backups in case one layer fails. Most cities now require that shower pans be inspected which we think is a very good idea. A faulty shower pan can lead to a plethora of very expensive repairs if it leaks into the floor and ceiling below. A sizable amount of our business each year comes from replacing improperly constructed showers do to inferior craftsmanship.

How often do I need to re-caulk or reseal my tile?

Depending on usage you can expect to be re-caulking and resealing every 3 years or so. The lighter your stone and the lighter your caulk, the more frequently you will need to replenish the sealer or caulk. We are very happy to provide this service at a nominal service call rate. Expect a couple days cure time for this process before you can use the surface again.

What are signs that my tile wasn’t put in correctly? What do I do to address this?

Grout cracking – illustrates that the substrate (surface behind the tile) was not secured properly or that the grout was mixed up incorrectly when installed. Tile Cracking – illustrates that either the wrong adhesive was used to apply the tile, or tile wasn’t adequately covered with adhesive, or even that the substrate wasn’t secured properly to begin with. Water Leaking out of a shower pan or adhesive coming up through the grout – illustrates that any number of shortcuts were taken in the construction of your shower pan. We see 2 shortcuts the most: a wood 2 by 4 used for a shower curb (where there should be solid concrete with a pan liner in between) and a flat pan liner (which should be pitched, not flat). Some temporary solutions may vary from re-caulking to re-grouting. But more often than not the only permanent solutions is to replace the tile. Many times if water is involved you can call your insurance agent and file a claim. Insurance companies would rather spend the money to get the problem fixed then to see it worsen which leads to costlier repairs.


Does it matter where I go to pick out tile?

Most definitely. While the national “big box” chains offer tile for a little less money this is most often at the expensive of quality. A tile that isn’t consistent in size is more difficult and costlier to install. We have accounts at all the tile vendors in the twin cities and can refer you to any number of them depending on the aesthetic look your going for. Not only will you get a higher level of service from my vendors, you will get the guidance from sales people with degrees in interior design, and be able to checkout samples free of charge to bring home and examine further.

Why is my bathroom project so expensive?

The bathroom is only superseded by the kitchen in terms of being the most expensive room in the house. This is because every trade is involved in the construction of a bathroom (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, dry wall, and of course tiling). Orchestrating such a project should be done by professionals. If any one of the trades craftsmanship is substandard within a bathroom it affects all the others. Paying for a bathroom may seem like a lot of money up front but you get a majority of that money back if constructed properly.


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